Fly Me Away (Prod. L​.​A. Chase)

by Mr.G



In a world of malice, hatred and obscurity, I asked God to Fly Me Away.

#Ready #Set #FlyAway



Wake up!
Got places to go!
I feed the soul
And try to take it to go
Cruising high, the spirit stay a float.
Get this show on a roll
God above in control!
Time flies, God is the pilot
Cut ties, with a world full silence
Army of God, go forth start a riot
They hushin,but don't ever keep quite!
Let the word be heard like a siren
Put in work till my heart grow tired
Wont rest till he's transpired
Salvation we've acquired
We out here just speaking the truth
For the bleak and the weak or confused
We're all give the freedom to choose
Live and die by the cross got nothing to lose
And Im soaring
And His grace just keeps on pouring
Heaven may seem so far away
But remember he reassured it
Sometimes life feels contorted
Everything blurred and distorted
The road has seemed too out of place
So He came down and restored it
And I'm free
What a life without Him would be
What's the kind of man I would be
Without His wings to fly or hold me?
And I'm free
What a life without Him would be
What's the kind of man I would be
Without His wings to fly or hold me?


Uhhh. I'm came across animosity
Has it pulled me down? Quiet possibly
But my mind is set my soul is free
not a thing in this worlds ever stopping me
And i gradually
Pray to God I won't casually
Cash in my life for greed
I will proceed,I will believe
Retreating from the elements deep beneath
Lord keep my feet
on the ground but far from the reach
From the one who tries to deceives
your grace impedes and take the lead
Whatever's empty Lord, make me complete
I burned my soul you took the heat
Why don't you take it all,its yours to keep
Like a shepherd and a lost sheep
Tried to do it on my own but it cost me.
God made a promise
Living is the premise
We're kinda ironic
Only living just to finish
Our plans indefinite
End, so imminent
In His hands we settle in eloquence
In a room full of elaphants
Take a bite off its adamant
Peace(piece) ,to peek settlement
Up high and never land
To a place I never been
I---Fly away
Far from despair
And land on a lair
Where the stairs may be
When the kingdom comes
And the Son(sun)comes down for the world to see
Bridge this gap,rebuke the enemy
Stand your ground at any means
Spiritually and mentally
Conquering what contravenes


released 06 July 2014
L.A. Chase




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